Filtering in Lists

Narrow down the lists of actions to only see what is relevant in current context.

In addition to the global filtering of items by Area, Everdo lets you filter items in the current view by a combinations of properties, such as

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Tags Assigned
  • Due Date

The filters you choose get combined with logical AND, that is, you are reducing the set of visible items to the ones that satisfy every filter you have set.

Selecting Multiple Tags and Negative Selection

It's possible to filter by multiple tags at the same time.

To include items with a certain tag, left-click that tag in the filter bar. To exclude items with a certain tag, right-click that tag. For multiple selection, hold Ctrl when clicking on tags.

When you multi-select tags as described above, they get combined by logical AND. For example, if you have selected tag1, tag2 and tag3 then you will get only the items which at the same time

  • have tag1 and tag2
  • don't have tag3
Last modified January 1, 0001