Keyboard Shortcuts

Everdo relies heavily on keyboard shortcuts to achieve easy and low-friction user experience.

Save / Cancel Conventions

  • Escape always cancels changes and closes dialogs instantly without asking questions.
  • Enter and Ctrl+Enter save and close the current editor/dialog without asking questions.

Item Creation

key action
i Create an Inbox item
n Create New item in the current view
Shift+n Create New item in the current view at the top
p Create a Project
b Create a notebook

Item List Navigation and Quick Editing

key action
j select next item
down select next item
k select previous item
up select previous item
enter open item editor
alt + enter open corresponding project
: command entry mode
f toggle focus selected item
space toggle complete selected item
d toggle due date for selected item
x move item to trash
[ collapse item description
] expand item description
Alt+[ collapse all items in view
Alt+] expand all items in view
key action
1 Inbox
2 Next
0 Trash
backspace Go back

Switching Between Areas

key action
Shift + 0 All Areas
Shift + 1 Area 1
Shift+0 Unassigned items

Misc Shortcuts

key action
h Open Help
t Open Tag manager
s or / Search all items (non-archived, non-deleted)
Ctrl+, Open settings
Last modified January 1, 0001