Automated Backups

How to setup automated backups of the Everdo database.


To back up the database while the app is running you need to use the sqlite3 tool - the official client for working with SQlite databases.

Setting up automated SQLite backups

  1. Create a backup script and make it executable.
  2. Test the script - make sure a backup is created and stored where you expect.
  3. Schedule the script to run periodically, for example as a cron job or as a scheduled task on Windows.

Here is an example bash script. You need to replace /home/user with you unix user directory.


TIMESTAMP=$(date +%F_%T | tr ':' '-')

sqlite3 /home/user/.config/everdo/db ".backup '/home/user/.config/everdo/backups/db_backup_$TIMESTAMP.sqlite'"

Last modified March 31, 2021