Default Shortcuts

Everdo offers many keyboard shortcuts to achieve fast and low-friction user experience. This page describes all available shortcuts.

Save / cancel conventions

  • Escape always cancels changes and closes dialogs instantly without asking questions.
  • Enter and Ctrl+Enter save and close the current editor/dialog without asking questions.

Item creation

Key Action
i Create an Inbox item
n Create a New item in the current view
Shift+n Create a New item in the current view at the top
p Create a Project
b Create a Notebook
Ctrl+e Quick capture dialog.

List navigation and quick editing

Key Action
j / down Select next item
k / up Select previous item
enter Edit currently selected item
Alt + Enter Open associated project
Alt + Enter Edit current project / notebook
: Trigger the command entry mode
f Toggle focus for the selected item
space Complete the selected item
d Toggle due date for the selected item
x Move item to trash
[/left Collapse item description
]/right Expand item description
Alt+[/Alt+left Collapse all items in the current view
Alt+]/Alt+right Expand all items in the current view
Shift+down/Shift+up or Shift+j/Shift+k Move item down/up
Key Action
1 Open Inbox
2 Open Next
3 Open Waiting
4 Open Scheduled
5 Open Someday/Maybe
6 Open Focus
7 Open Projects
8 Open Notebooks
9 Open Archive
0 Open Trash
backspace Navigate back
Alt+j / Alt+down Select next sidebar item
Alt+k / Alt+up Select previous sidebar item

Switching between areas

Key Action
Shift + 0 Select All Areas
Shift + 1 Select area #1
Shift + 9 Select area #9
Shift+0 Select Unassigned

Other shortcuts

Key Action
h Open help
t Open tag manager
s or / Search items (non-archived, non-deleted)
Ctrl+, Open application settings
F11 Make the window full-screen
Last modified July 8, 2022