JSON Data Format

Description of the data format Everdo uses to export and import data.

Use UUID v4 for the id field

When creating new items via the import feature, you have to generate a random universally unique id for each new item and tag. When there's a collision, the import code silently overwrites the existing item. To avoid a collision, always use a random UUID (v4) generator when creating the import objects (unless you do want to update existing items).

List of Fields Which Use the UUID Data Type

  • id
  • parent_id (reference to the project's/notebook's id)
  • contact_id (reference to the contact tag's id)

UUID Formating

id, parent_id and other UUID fields need to be specified as an uppercase string without dashes, as follows.

id: "709632E58EF74A55A18E9347F24ED948"


All timestamps are integers representing Unix time in seconds. Millisecond-valued timestamps will not work.

The Root Object

The .json file you'll import must contain a single object with two array properties - tags and items. Each array may contain zero or more elements.

  "items": [],
  "tags": []

You only need to specify the items you wish to add or update. The import feature does not delete missing items or tags, so you can import a completely empty file without problem.

The Item Object

These fields are required for all items:

  • id
  • type
  • list
  • title
  • created_on
  • is_focused
  • start_date or schedule for scheduled items.


  • "a": action
  • "p": project
  • "n": note
  • "l": notebook


  • "i": inbox (actions only)
  • "a": active/next (based on item type)
  • "m": someday
  • "s": scheduled (must also specify start_date or schedule field)
  • "w": waiting
  • "d": deleted
  • "r": archived (must also specify completed_on)


Completion timestamp (see Timestamps for format description). Null/undefined for incomplete items. Not null for completed items.


Creation timestamp. Required.


Values: 0 or 1. Warning: True and False will not work.


Energy estimate. Values: null, 1, 2, 3


Time estimate. Value: number of minutes


Optional due date. The timestamp's time must be set to 0 Hours, 0 Minutes, 0 Seconds.


For one-time scheduled items only. The timestamp's time must be set to 0 Hours, 0 Minutes, 0 Seconds.


For repeating items only. This is a complex object. Try exporting some pre-scheduled items to get an idea how it works.


The “template” action that was used to create an instance of this specific repeating action.


Optional contact tag to wait for. The value is tag id.


An array of tag ids. Don't pass whole objects here, only string IDs.

position_child, position_parent, position_focus, position_global

Item's position in a specific list:

  • child: position in a list of all sub-items (project actions / notes)
  • parent: position in a list of all parent items (projects/notebooks)
  • focus: position in a global focus list
  • global: position in a the list of all items


Create an Inbox Action

  "id": "709632E58EF74A55A18E9347F24ED948" ,
  "type": "a"
  "title": "Example Inbox Action",
  "list": "i",
  "note": "optional description",
  "created_on": 1549619289,
  "is_focused" : 0

Create an Empty Active Project

  "id": "B4F96775965F4F73A611365056301220" ,
  "type": "p"
  "title": "Example Project",
  "list": "a",
  "note": "optional description",
  "created_on": 1549619289,
  "is_focused" : 0

Create a Project Action (Active and Focused)

  "id": "B4F96775965F4F73A611365056301220" ,
  "type": "a"
  "list": "a",
  "title": "Example Project Action",
  "created_on": 1549619289,
  "is_focused" : 1,
  "parent_id": "709632E58EF74A55A18E9347F24ED948"

Create a Tag (Label)

  "id": "709632E58EF74A55A18E9347F24ED948",
  "title": "Example Tag",
  "type": "l"
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