Inline Commands

Modify the item by editing its title.

Inline commands are a powerful tool to quickly process items in of your Inbox and edit items in general. They are especially useful in combination with keyboard shortcuts.

To apply a command you need to put it at the end of the item's title. For example, suppose you want to create an action entitled Prepare a report, move it to Next and set its Time property to 1h. You can do all this in one step by writing Prepare a report :n :f :t 1h as a title of a newly created action.

A set of commands gets applied to the item when it is saved. Once applied, the commands get removed from the title.

The following table presents all available commands.

Desired Action Command Example Remarks
Move to next :n
Move to someday/maybe :m
Move to waiting :w
Move to waiting and set contact :w Name A missing contact will be created
Move to projects :p Will convert into a project if necessary
Move to scheduled, start tomorrow :s
Start n days into the future :s 5
:s 5d
Set specific start date :s May 5
:s 5 May
:s 5 May 2018
Set focus :f
Remove focus :f none
Set time in minutes :t 10m
:t 10
Set time in hours :t 1h
Remove time estimate :t none
Set energy to High :e h
:e high
Set energy to Medium :e m
:e med
Set energy to Low :e l
:e low
Remove energy estimate :e none
Make due Today :d
Set due date n days into the future/past :d +5
:d 5
:d -1 Negative values represent the past
Set specific due date :d May 5
:d 5 May
:d 5 May 2018
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