This section provides information and guidance on Everdo’s user interface concepts and features.


Projects are your desired outcomes that require multiple actions. This page describes how projects work in Everdo and how the Next Actions list integrates the different types of projects into a single list.


There are different ways to make your actions show up or repeat at specific dates in the future. This page explains the possible options for configuring scheduled and repeating actions.


Tags are used to organize and filter your items. This page describes all the different types of tags available in Everdo.


Filtering allows you to narrow down a list of actions by applying a set tag, due date, time and energy constraints, so that you only see the items that are relevant in current settings.

Inline Commands

Inline commands allow to quickly make changes to an item by typing special command sequences its title.

Default Shortcuts

Everdo offers many keyboard shortcuts to achieve fast and low-friction user experience. This page describes all available shortcuts.

Keyboard Configuration

As of version 1.7.5 Everdo allows complete customization of keyboard shortcuts. This page explains how to use this feature.


Search lets you find your items easily.


Archive is the final destination for your completed actions and projects. Archiving your items will keep your lists uncluttered and may improve application performance.

Last modified July 8, 2022