Exporting Data

Extracting data from Everdo in a variety of formats.

This page describes ways to get your data out of Everdo. The possible options include.

  • Copy a specific list as text
  • JSON export of the whole database
  • CSV export of the whole database
  • Direct database access / query

Copy a Specific List as Text

With this feature you can easily obtain a human-readable plain text representation of the current list of Everdo items. To copy the current view as text, use the corresponding button in the Filter Bar at the top of the list of items. As a result, the list will be copied to the clipboard in a format similar to the following.

[ ] Try using "Export as CSV"
[ ] Try using "Export as JSON"

[x](Apr 2)  Use "Copy as Text"

JSON Export

With the JSON Export feature you can export all your data in a machine-readable format and move data between different devices. To perform a JSON export or import in the desktop app, use a corresponding menu option in the application's main menu.

In the mobile apps, use the Export button in the app settings to export your data. To import data into the iOS app, share the JSON file from the Files app into Everdo. On Android, use the Import JSON button in the app settings.

You can learn more about the format at the Everdo JSON format page.

CSV Export

The CSV format is useful to work with data in a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice. To perform a CSV export, use a corresponding menu option in the application's main menu.

Direct Database Access

You can query the actual Everdo database located in the home directory. You will need an SQLite client application to do so.

Last modified January 1, 0001